Two sides

So it has been quite some time since I last wrote and so much has happened. Mr and Mrs Sno visited the UK and came to meet us. It is always amazing to meet people in real life, but this was extra special, as it already felt like we were close friends. A group of us met for lunch on Saturday, which was lovely. It was so nice after we have all been chatting on discord together to be able to meet physically, as a group.

Unfortunately, I was not well enough to join them at the club Saturday night. However, I got to to say good bye Sunday, and I can honestly say, they both give great hugs! And are such lovely people.

The following week I went to see a lovely gentleman called Mr Badger, who I had played with before in a 5 some last November. So we had arranged to meet at his place just myself and him. Nothing specifically had been arranged, but a dinner at his local pub. No expectations. As he lives so far away, and I know him, it was arranged that I could stay the night. As I had arrived in the afternoon, we did partake in a little pre-dinner play, which was good fun and a great way to reconnect. After dinner, the toys came out to play. Now, I have been an owned sub in the past, and I am very happy to play sub in meets, and Mr Badger was aware, we had discussed this and boundaries etc. So I was carefully collared, and cuffed, then had an anal hook placed inside me and attached to the harness I was wearing. Mr Badger was dom, but also checked in on me. Needless to say, we both enjoyed the activities. It was fun to re-connect with my sub side. I did sleep very well that night!

So the next time I got to play, was with my regular gentleman friend, and we decided to set up this scenario – which was very hot! As he couldn’t get to my house until late, I said I would probably be in bed, and possibly asleep! So, I suggested he could let himself in, and come upstairs to my bedroom, get undressed and get into bed with me. Which he did, and it was terribly erotic!

So, the next time we met, we arranged that I would dom him. It was something he had never tried, and wanted to try. He had never really experimented with that side of him. So I agreed, I would give it a go. The idea definitely appealed. So, I think I am naturally sub, but this leads me to believe, perhaps I am switch, maybe I can experiment with my dom side. We discussed boundaries, and that I would check in on him. etc. He also requested that I peg him, which I do enjoy doing, and have Christoff Cock my strap on, for my lady play anyway. So we made sure we prepared correctly etc. We had the correct lube, and I must say, it went really well. I was honoured that he trusted me enough to allow me to pop his peg cherry. We both enjoyed it, and it has added another dimension to our play.

It is really good fun, to be able to experiment with other people, knowing there will be no judgement. Laugh at the funny bits, not feeling inhibited. Happy to safely have fun with another person, evolving and adding dimensions to your play. Some people have been in relationships for years before even thinking about doing some of this stuff. So I feel very fortunately to be connected with such lovely, friendly, open minded people, where we can try new things. I am looking forward to continuing to expand my dom side, Mr Badger is evolving his fetish side and my gentleman friend has found his sub side, completely out of the blue.

It is always interesting to see how different people interact with each other. Just because something works really well with one person, it doesn’t mean it will work well with another. It is sometimes just a case of experimenting what works.

I feel that there are more exciting times ahead!

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