Single or a Double

Wow!! What a busy month it has been. I am trying to remember everything that has happened. I have had the fortune of re-connecting with some lovely couples. I am definitely a quality over quantity kind of girl. These couples are definitely quality. So it is isn’t just about the play time, but the social aspect as well (there she goes banging on about the social side again). But it is a very important part to me, it makes me feel respected and connected.

I went for a sleep over, where we start with some play time, after the initial catch up. Then we had dinner, – chatted and cuddles on the sofa, then back to play time. (I am never going to go into details – no one needs a saucy Mills and Boon story, and out of respect for people’s privacy). Woken up in the morning, with coffee in bed, followed by more playtime. It was fun to chat about the various aspects of swinging, and our vanilla lives. To be listened to, and to share opinions, is a great mark of respect.

Another couple, I reconnected (I told you I had been busy), we met in a hotel, had a few drinks, chatted, and played. Then went for a delicious meal. We went back to the hotel room after, and continued to chat, and a few more drinks (so there may have been some sore heads in the morning)! But – there is never set agenda, or expectation. We chatted until the early hours of the morning. Swapping stories, and opinions. Lovely relaxed evening.

I have also met a new couple – oddly all 3 couples have one thing in common (I can’t share this, due to privacy – but it does make me wonder if I have a ‘type’). We met at a restaurant, and had a nice meal, we chatted and had such a great time. The photos people send of themselves, really don’t do justice. Once you meet people in 3 D and can add character to their looks, it makes all the difference. So, we all agreed we would like to meet again, which is very exciting.

I have also managed to squeeze in a club visit, where myself and my gentleman friend, met up with a lovely new couple, new to the scene, just observing at the moment. It was a complete honour to meet them on their first trip to the club, and show them the ropes (not literally). They really are wonderful, and it is always a pleasure, that you see people grow, and evolve. Not necessarily deciding to swing, but in confidence, and with each other. We are meeting up again for a games night! (no not kinky stuff, just playing card games). Which, I am really looking forward to.

In-between all this having visits from dear friends, to reconnect, watch movies, talk sh*t. Which, brings me onto my subject. I love having people to visit, which is odd, as I always thought I was a person who preferred their own company. But the feeling of emptiness when they leave, is definitely there. But at the same time, I have my own stuff going on, my vanilla life. The common factor, I think, between us all not in established couples, is an element of free spirit.

Myself, and my dear, wise friend Tina were having a debate for some time – it as a mass debate (yeah, the old jokes are the best!). About whether people who are not in established relationships are strong for not being in one, or weaker, because they are too scared to be in one.

Are people not in established relationships, happy to be so, they are strong, independent people, quite happy to follow they own agenda etc, without the cause of concern about another person. Or, is it that people are too scared to get deeply involved, as they are too scared of getting hurt again, so put the emotional barriers up to stop that happening?

The freedom of going out and not being answerable to anyone, is great, but also, the feeling that someone is there looking out for you is also great.

I suppose swinging fills this void in a massive way, we are in relationships with each other, it is emotional, and physical. It gives us an ‘almost’ committed relationship. Going out for meals, to the cinema, cups of tea, chats, watching movies, playing games. There definitely should be a word for this type of relationship, other than Friend, as I feel that the word Friend, does not go deep enough.

So, the next exciting thing, is that the Snos are coming to visit us! Super excited! Can’t wait – like I said, putting character to faces makes all the difference, and even Teams just doesn’t cut it. I will try to refrain from jumping on them to give them both a big hug, but I can’t promise!

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