Season of Goodwill

Here we are counting down to Christmas, and everyone has different experiences, or expectations of Christmas. For me, Christmas has changed over the years, as it does for many. Now, I suppose for me, it is downtime, time for pause, and reflection. – when I finally finish work. For some people it can be a very difficult time. So, what has this got to do with swinging, I hear you cry.

Well, everything and nothing. I am going to let you into something, that not many people outside of the lifestyle know. The lifestyle community, is a very caring community. Surprised? It is probably not something that people think about when they enter the lifestyle.

I am going to let you into something, that not many people outside of the lifestyle know. The lifestyle community, is a very caring community.

There are some swinging groups that have discord chat groups, like Scheduling Sin, and they are such friendly, supportive groups. There are not many chat groups where no subject is taboo, and people aren’t afraid to give honest advice, whilst at the same time, being respectful and polite.

Also, there are not many chat groups, on which you can pretty much guarantee someone is around 24/7. The times I have woken up, in the middle of the night, spiralling, or worrying, and there is someone there for me to talk it through. How awesome is that?

I think what people don’t explain, or realise when you start swinging are the friendships, and the bonds you make. The social aspect, for many, is just as important as the sex. Indeed most of us need that connection, it makes the sex part even more meaningful, and almost loving. You don’t fall in love with these people, but there are times, when you love them, and care deeply. For me, and not everyone, it is much nicer to have these people in your life, that you not only have sex with, but talk to regularly and, I suppose, almost a polyamorous type relationship. You all go off and do your own thing, you have that freedom, but you meet these special people regularly, maybe for a movie, a meal, cinema, etc. Generally, sex is involved, but it has a deeper meaning.

We check in on each other, and it is a great community. It definitely has helped me through some very difficult times. for that I shall always be grateful.

At clubs, it can be different, as you probably don’t have time to build up such a connection, so the meeting is more fleeting, and probably not so meaningful… but can be great sex!

So, quick update, I had a lovely weekend, with a lovely couple. We had met before, so I was happy to stay round their house. It was very kind of them to invite me. It was also a great privilege to help the lady with her Bi journey and help her to evolve, at a pace she was happy with and felt comfortable with me. When she told me how comfortable she was with me, I felt honoured that she trusted me. The 3 of us ended up having lovely cuddles in bed together. How cool is that?

So, I am going to sign off for now, and if you have any questions, please do contact me through the website. I am always happy to help.

In the meantime, Have a very Merry Christmas and a Sexy New Year! Lots of love and intimate stroking GGxx

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