The morning is hard with frost, it glitters in the low winter sunshine, diamond light glancing off every thing it touches. I watch the steam coming from the breath of the commuters as they head through the automatic doors into the train station and I smile, remembering how magical it seemed when I was a child. How many of those ordinary people have secret lives, I wonder? How many of them yearn for the freedom that we have? So much forbidden pleasure to be had if you are just brave enough to take it.

I hear a car door slam, and scrunch down slightly in my seat. You don’t notice me…just another car parked up…you are focussed entirely on the work day you think you have ahead of you. Once I see you disappear through the doors into the building, I let myself out of my car and make my way awkwardly over to the car you’ve just left. The tarmac is slick with frost under my stilettoes and my skirt is way too tight. I let myself into the passenger seat of your car where your wife is sitting waiting for me…..grinning.

I lean in and kiss her. Her mouth is warm and sweet…and I want to taste her more, but today there is no time. Today is a day for other pleasures…the pleasures that come with sharing. Today we will be sharing our husbands…… and also the deliciousness that comes with knowing that neither of them have any idea what’s about to happen.

“Do you think he knows?” I ask her,

“Not a clue, what about Scott?”

“Oblivious” I respond, and I can feel the giggle burbling up within me.

I hand her a piece of paper. A postcode and a hotel room number where my husband is tucked up waiting for me after flying into the country in the wee small hours of the morning. But it’s not going to be me sliding naked into bed with him to wake him, it’s going to be her. Her sweet warm mouth on him, her breasts pushed up against his chest, her pussy nudging into his morning glory.

I hug her quickly and leave the car, my heels clicking on the pavement as I head into the station. I can’t remember the last time I wore anything as tight and unforgiving as this bloody pencil skirt. The split at the back is so high that the tops of my black seamed stockings are obvious to even the most casual observer. However subtlety is not todays objective.

It’s freezing on the platform; I can feel my nipples straining against the thin silk of my blouse, aching with cold and perky with anticipation.

I spot you easily, walk up behind you and then towards you. I nudge against you ever so slightly, catching your right arm briefly to ensure you notice me, but then carry on walking- one step, two steps, three steps, four steps beyond you. I’m just out of your reach and I wonder if you have noticed me or if you’re just assuming I’m just a clumsy commuter, on her way into the city like everyone else on the platform.

I bend over slowly from the waist, if you hadn’t noticed me before, you will now. It’s not how good girls bend over. I can feel the cold on my exposed flesh. You can see my stocking tops and, most probably, the rounds of my ass as I slowly and deliberately make a play of straightening my seam, running both of my hands from my left ankle to my thigh. My seams are dead straight, but it’s all drama, and I know now I’ve got your undivided attention. I hear you catch your breath and wonder if you recognise the crimson heels and pony skin of my stilettoes. You ought to, you’ve fucked me enough times whilst I’ve been wearing them.

Instinctively, I feel you step towards me-I step back to meet you and, almost immediately, feel your hardness through your clothes as you lean up against me.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” you growl into my neck, before licking the soft skin behind my earlobe.

” Haven’t you ever heard the tale of the pussycat that went up to London to visit the Queen?” I reach my hand behind me where I know your cock is straining against your zip, I trace the outline of your hardness with my fingers and hear you supress a moan.

“I want your cock. You need to fuck me” It’s a matter of fact statement

You take my hand in yours and pull me along through the other commuters…no one notices- we just look like a couple in a hurry. I don’t know this train station, but you obviously do as you propel me purposefully to the far end of the platform and through a wooden door emblazoned with the words “No Entry”. The irony isn’t lost on me.

It’s dark and musty-unused, a rusty sack truck abandoned against a wall, an old fashioned wooden work bench festooned with cobwebs and old leaflets. I turn to look at you properly- for the first time since I got here. You are fumbling with your zip, hasty, urgent. I can’t read your expression….I’m not sure if you’re turned on that I’m here, or plain furious. Your cock however, looks delighted as it bounds free from your trousers and I figure I’m going to get fucked whether you’re pleased to see me or not.

I’m on my knees in the gloom, hands around your ass, pulling you into me, rolling your dick around in my greedy mouth, swirling my tongue around the very tip and looking up you. I reach my hand to cup your balls, they feel smooth and heavy against my cold palm. Your hands are in my hair, pulling it away from my face, whilst pulling me nearer, making me take you deeper and faster. You’re not supressing your moans now. I hear you say my name, I move back and lap at you with my tongue, and then you are pushing in again, throbbing against the roof of my mouth.

A vague buzzing cuts through the dusty air….it’s my phone

“Leave it ” you instruct me.

I shake my head without removing your cock and reach down to fish the offending article out of my bag, instantly swiping it to accept the call. For an instant I see the image on the screen, before handing it up to you. You are now watching your wife doing to my husband exactly what I’m doing to you. Your eyes flip from the phone, down to me, then back to her again.

I can hear my husbands deep growls of pleasure just for a moment, and then the screen goes dark and they are gone.

I am so wet now….. the sights and sounds and sensations have pushed me into a place of sheer wantoness and I suck at you greedily, saliva running over you and down onto my chin. You are starting to buck and I can taste the pearl of pre cum that I know is glistening in my mouth. I stand up to kiss you, rolling my tongue in yours and trying to get my skirt up over my hips, Your hands find mine and you hitch it further, oblivious to the sound of the stitching giving way. You take a step back, and , hands on my hips, you turn me away from you. One hand pushes my upper body down over the rough wooden desk, the other hand rummaging between my legs, I feel your leg between mine and you ease them apart.

“It has to be quick” I hear you whisper and I feel your cock plunge into me. I’m so slick with wanting you, there’s no resistance whatsover. Your hips grind against my ass and you fill me roughly. My pussy devours you. You have one hand up under my blouse and can feel you working my nipple sending shock waves through my body. You pull my hair again, pounding in to me, no holding back now, I feel the moisture running out of me as I squirt….everything is hot and wet and I feel myself start to give in to the waves of pleasure, washing over both of us as I feel you shudder inside me. My knees are buckling and your arm tightens around my waist, supporting me as I try to keep my grip on the table as yet another orgasm hits me. I’m shaking now, we both are, and you are panting heavily, your head now resting on my back.

“Jesus Christ, I’m sorry, I have to go….” You start re assembling your clothing, suddenly aware of the time

“No , no you don’t have to go any where. ” I turn and smile at you lazily. ” Your meeting was cancelled just over an hour ago. You have a Zoom call at 2 instead”

I see the penny drop…the raised eyebrow as you realise that your wife and I have engineered this mornings adventure with all the precision of an Agatha Christie novel.

“If we have all morning, why are we fucking in a dirty broom cupboard?” you ask.

“Oh, we are just getting started” I smile and straighten my skirt and hold out my hand to you. “And I really fancied getting railed……”

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