The room is sultry, ultraviolet light glancing over naked bodies, coupled around us, low hums of pleasure, moans, sighs, laughter. The sound moving through the playroom in warm waves, making everything glow; making me glow.

I look over at your wife, glorious on the bed beside me. She is beautiful; beyond beautiful. A silver sheen of sweat over her flawless skin, her long pale legs wound around my husbands waist. I watch, for just a moment, as he moves into her. I hear her pleasure in the ragged edge of her breath, and I hear his in the low tones of his voice. I cannot make out the words, but I know they are dark words of passion. I know how they sound, I have heard them over me a million times. I see a tiny droplet of his sweat fall onto the rosy lace of her delicate lingerie, which he has pushed aside to expose her perfect nipples and creamy breasts.

I cannot make out the words, but I know they are dark words of passion. I know how they sound, I have heard them over me a million times.

I look down at you and wind my fingers tighter into yours ,the smooth rhythm of our hips quickening slightly as I rise and fall over you, clutching your entire length inside me, feeling you fill me as your eyes meet mine. Your expression changes, almost imperceptibly. You are devouring me now with every look as I rock harder against you, and swoop down to kiss you, grazing my pebbled nipples against your smooth, hard chest. I hear you sigh and I kiss you deeply, your mouth possessing me now as I feel myself fall into your eyes. I can feel your wanting. I know exactly what you want and I know exactly how to give it to you. It’s what you’ve wanted, what I’ve wanted, since we exchanged our first message, the first glance in the bar, the first touch of your hand.

I grind down on you and then rise up, all the way up, until you are almost free. I tease the very tip of you, and then greedily sink back down. You are all the way in, amid the warm wetness you have created in me. I smile at you, smile into you, and tilt myself backwards so that you can see me, all of me, my clit exposed above your cock, exactly in your line of sight. I see surprise flicker briefly over your face and I bring your hand up to my lips. I slowly suck each of your fingers in turn before guiding your hand firmly between my legs, leaving you in no doubt as to what I’m asking of you. ” Dance with me” I whisper to you. And you comply, making exquisite lazy circles against me as I echo that motion with my hips against yours. I feel the aching heat within me and, at that moment, you push further up into me and tip me over into the sweet warm rush of wetness that washes over both of us as the vibrations of my climax shudder through me. I hear the sounds of pleasure escape me, the gasping, the moaning… my voice joining the others echoing around the room. It takes forever to subside and it leaves me trembly and weak. We are wet, everywhere is wet…the bed, your body, my stockings. I sit forwards to look at you, a giggle burbling up inside me, as I grip your hand a little tighter .I untangle my legs and lean down to rest on your chest, feeling your hands in the small of my back and your mouth spilling kisses into my hair. Your sighs of pleasure match my own and I can feel your heart hammering beneath me.

You say my name and it resonates deep within me. Our first dance is over, but it will be the first of many for you and I and the music is only just beginning.

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