Join us on the show!

Don’t Stress

We’ve asked you to join us on the show because we believe you have an interesting perspective, story or personality to share. We believe in you! Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self, if you make a mistake or fumble words, Mr. Sno will fix that in a blink in editing. Just relax and talk with us as you would old friends.

How It Works

Our hosting provider, Libsyn, has a call hosting feature. You will receive an invitation via email to a call at a certain time. We will usually include some notes about what we have in mind to talk about etc. When you click the link, a web browser will open. The first page you meet will give you some tools to select a microphone and test your sound. Select the best available mic and please use headphones. Once you join the room, we will let you in and you’re all set. You’ll be able to hear us and we take care of all the recording.


If you have some sort of USB microphone, these are often better than what’s installed in most laptops, tablets or phones but they aren’t required.

Internet Connection

A strong internet connection is absolutely essential. Please try to avoid using cellular connections when possible.

Phones & Tablets

If you are going to be using any sort of phone or tablet, it’s very important that you do NOT hold it in your hand. Place the device on a table and don’t touch it. Sound from devices that are being held is often nearly unusable.

Background Noise

Your microphone will pick up almost every sound in the room or area around you. Background talking, shuffling papers, drinks, fans, TV’s, wind, birds, cars etc will all be very noticeable in the final product. The ambient sounds around you that you normally don’t notice will be surprisingly annoying to listen to on the podcast and can’t be edited out when they’re behind you speaking.

Explicit Stories

We are an explicit podcast. To that end, we can talk about sex openly and honestly. Feel free to share explicit details but try to avoid being crass and please never share stories or identifying information involving other people without their consent.

Release Date

We release an episode every two weeks and we are often at least one episode ahead in recording. You should expect to hear your episode in 2-6 weeks.

Thank you for coming on the show. We are honored to have you join us.