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The Scheduling Sin Community is growing every day. Through the Scheduling Sin podcast, Discord, and social media, we have tapped into an amazing group of people who are sharing their experiences and connecting with like minded individuals all over the world.

The comment we hear the most from people in the swinger community is that they don’t have people they can connect with to chat about the lifestyle. This space is intended to help bridge that gap for people in a safe and respectful way.

Do you have questions? We do too!

What do you want to try? Does anyone else feel like this? Want to tell us about your latest experience? Scheduling Sin allows members to read and listen about the experiences of others, chat live in Discord, and contribute their own content to the community.

How do I join the Community?

Join Discord

Discord is an instant messaging and VoIP social platform which allows communication through voice calls, video calls, text messaging, and media and files. Communication can be private or take place in virtual communities called “servers”. 

Our server is growing every day and many of the guests you’ll hear in the podcast, are also there in the Discord. If you have a question or if a particular guest on the show resonated with you, this is your chance to speak with them live. In addition to that, we have many members who are fans of the show and are happy to chat about their experiences, answer questions etc. It’s a fantastic place to meet people in this community.

Use this link to get set up:

Be a Guest on the Podcast

Come On the Show

Check out the Blogs

Mrs. Sno and I each have our own blog and we will use the platform to share our thoughts, news etc. But our members are also contributing to the blogs through experiences, diaries, erotic fiction and more. Definitely explore the blogs and leave comments, our writers love feedback!

Contribute Your Own Content

Contribute your own content to the Scheduling Sin community. There is no commitment, no cost and very few limitations on what is permitted. If you have a creative mind and something to share – we are the space for you.



Have you ever kicked around the idea of starting your own podcast? I’ll warn you, it’s fun and addicting but it’s also very time consuming and it can be expensive. We think there are a lot of fascinating conversations out there that the swinger community could benefit from if they were only recorded and made available.

If you are interested in recording a conversation or your own thoughts, contact us and let’s talk about it. We are considering a concept where members send us their audio files, we will do some light editing (mostly for sound quality) and then release them as bonus episodes to the main Scheduling Sin podcast. If it really takes off, we might even start a spinoff podcast for community content.


The swinging lifestyle is all about expressing yourself. By becoming a blog author with Scheduling Sin, you gain a platform to share your experiences, ideas and stories with the community.

It feels amazing when someone within the group reaches out and says that something we’ve created resonated with them. Knowing that our podcast, or associated content was helpful in facilitating a conversation with their spouse or partner is the most rewarding feedback we can receive.

This is your place

We started this because we wanted to create a platform for you. We want you to find your place here with us whether that be as a listener, reader, writer, podcaster, friend in Discord or any combination of the above. Welcome to the community, we’re glad you’re here.

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