I am Mr. Sno

I’ve given a lot of thought to what I might actually say now that we have a website with a blog. The irony isn’t lost on me that I sit here idly starting at a blank screen with a blinking curser pondering what I might say given that this whole project of ours has been centered around speaking and communication. But, when I’m sitting across from Mrs. Sno or in front of a group of like minded strangers in my underwear or on an internet call with friends I’ve met half a world away there’s a warmth and a feeling I can build from.

Here, staring at this blank page, I am left to my own thoughts and what I might share with you. Are you going to read this? Sometimes I think it’s pointless to yell into a vacuum but, in case you’ve never done it, you should know it can be quite cathartic so, if only for my own good, I’ll warm up my vocal digits.

I am the wizard behind the curtain of the Scheduling Sin podcast, website, discord and social media. Mrs. Sno, in her capacity as “the talent” brings the sizzle and an irreplaceable partnership, without which, none of this would’ve come to be.

I am curious about all things sexuality. It is one of the precious few things we all have in common but keep hidden as though we don’t want to admit it. Whatever our differences in life, we all share a desire, a need, an interest in sex. Through my journey in the swinger community, I’ve discovered a world where we can be open about those things and connect intellectually, creatively and physically. In this world of reduced inhibitions and judgement, relationships are able to reach remarkable depths.

Sexuality is contoured differently in each of us but the true transcendence is realizing that your mind is far more capable of bringing you pleasure than your individual body parts. Swinging has opened that door for me and I feel like an explorer at the mouth of a cave. Where we will go I cannot say but I’ve never been more interested to find out.

I am Mr. Sno.

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