As we approach Thanksgiving here in the US, now is the time of year that we reflect on the things we are grateful for. 2023 has been a big year for us. After years of dabbling and flirting with the lifestyle, we decided to take the plunge and get involved…and start a podcast! We even briefly had a Pornhub page, what an adventure that was.

When we began the podcast, we didn’t know if anyone would listen but we were doing it just for the fun of memorializing these conversations. We are exhibitionists at heart and bearing it all for you to hear was part of the fun. As listeners began to find the show, a few reached out with words of encouragement. Some even shared with us how listening to our conversations added depth to the conversations they were having with their partners. Those people will never know how much we appreciated hearing that.

We were looking for a way to connect with our listeners and discovered that another very successful podcast in the UK was using Discord. We reached out and the person who runs their server was gracious to help us set up one of our own (Thank you Mr. Horny!). Since then, our membership as grown as have our friendships. I chat with friends on the server every day.

Through this podcast we’ve met the creators of the Vanilla to Vixen podcast in the UK and are even planning to go visit them in February of 2024 for Mr. Sno’s 40th birthday!

What a whirlwind it’s been but at the same time so rewarding. We are thankful to everyone who listens to the show and to those wonderful people who have spent time with us and shared their stories. You are why we are here. Thank you. 

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