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Erotica: New Adventures at the Hotwife Hotel – Part 1


David pondered whether the other people at the bar could hear his heart pounding as the tip of his finger teased a rivulet of sweat on the side of his half-empty cocktail. He gazed at the two empty seats next to him, which only about half an hour ago were occupied by his wife, Jeanette, in her stunning red dress with its plunging neckline, and a smartly dressed man named Thomas, whom they had met only a few weeks ago.

David and Jeanette are a hotwife couple, which is to say that they mutually enjoy allowing Jeanette to experience other men while David remains committed to Jeanette. Some might perceive the arrangement to be a bit unfair, perhaps even cruel, but to those who understand, nothing could be further from the truth. Jeanette is a smart, beautiful, confident woman, and this lifestyle allows her to escape into her sensuality in a way that one simply cannot from within the trappings of daily life. Understanding why a woman might enjoy this is reasonably straightforward, but perhaps David’s perspective is more complex.

David’s fascination with Jeanette is without comparison; she is his soul mate. It would not be surprising if you were questioning, then, why he enjoys watching other men have their way with her. The simple answer is perspective. When David is with her, everything is predictable because after so many years of togetherness, the grooves of the dance, as beautiful as they may be, are well-worn. However, when Jeanette is allowed to escape into her hotwife persona, the possibilities are endless. The way that she teases and interacts with other men is unique to who they are. This also translates to the ways that she fucks them.

About an hour ago, Jeanette stood, hugged, and kissed Thomas as he approached the bar. This isn’t the first time Thomas has joined the couple, and Jeanette wasted no time leaning in to him and stroking his exposed forearm as he ordered a drink. She loves his strong arms.

As David, Jeanette, and Thomas chatted and laughed, Jeanette’s body language began to shift. She stood now a bit closer to Thomas than David. Thomas’s arm drifted down to her lower back so that his hand rested just below the top of her beautiful ass. Jeanette pushed her chest forward ever so slightly to make sure that Thomas had an excellent view of the breasts she intended to lower into his face later on.

David watched Jeanette’s hand slip into Thomas’s lap and felt his heart flutter; tonight was different. David and Jeanette had decided to take a new step in their journey; for the first time, David would not be joining Jeanette and Thomas in the bedroom tonight. The feeling he now had they call “the stretch”. The stretch is the feeling of being beyond the comfort of familiarity – it’s risk, excitement, and fear; it’s also addicting and the essence of the lifestyle.

Jeanette held her mouth close to Thomas’ ear. It was too quiet for David to hear but the smile that crept across Thomas’ face was easy to interpret. David noticed his breathing had become a bit faster. David started to feel like he was falling, that this scenario was beginning and he was helpless to stop it. If he said nothing, his wife would soon be in a hotel room with another man wrapped in his arms…. Thomas stood and took Jeanette’s hand. David smiled but said nothing. As the pair walked away, David turned just in time to see Thomas’ hand on Jeanette’s lower back as the elevator doors slid closed.

David ordered another drink and tried to relax. He glanced at his watch, 9:10 PM. The bar was bustling with activity but it all faded to background noise as David imagined what might be happening upstairs. Jeanette is a passionate kisser, he pictured Thomas holding her against the hotel wall deeply kissing her while his hands roamed her body. He wondered if Thomas’ cock had already entered his wife’s mouth. Were they having sex? What positions would he take her in? Was she moaning? Was he?

David knew exactly how his wife liked to be fucked. It was different with other men, more carnal and raw. He hoped that Thomas was giving that to her although there was little doubt. David became aware of how vividly he was imagining what was happening upstairs.

David checked his watch again, 9:40 PM. Resisting the urge to break the scenario and go see for himself, he instead turned his thoughts to re-joining his wife after she had been thoroughly fucked by this man. She was always so proud to present herself, freshly fucked, for his enjoyment because she knew how much he loved it. The feeling of his wife’s stretched pussy, thick with juices was exactly what David craved.

The elevator door opened. It was 10:20 PM. Thomas emerged alone and strode confidently to where David was seated. Thomas smiled and said, “David, between you and I, I’m not sure which of us is luckier. Your wife is extraordinary, thank you for allowing me to join you again. She’s waiting for you upstairs.” With that, Thomas shook David’s hand and strode out the revolving hotel door.

~ End of Part 1 ~

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This story is entirely fictional and for entertainment purposes only. Any correlation between this story and real people and events is purely coincidental.

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