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Erotica: New Adventures at the Hotwife Hotel – Part 2

Fire engine red. She smiled as she picked up the tube of lipstick knowing that both men loved her in red. As her hand rose to her lips, she felt a slight tremble, the nerves were building. David asked her earlier in the evening how she would feel about enjoying them separately, one after the other. They hadn’t played this way before and she wasn’t sure that David, was ready for this hotwife step yet, even though he brought it up. She wasn’t sure she was either but she couldn’t deny the rush of adrenalin and the sudden wetness in her panties when he asked the question.

They had played with Thomas before. He was funny, respectful of both of them and a tenacious lover, in other words, perfect. Jeanette was looking forward to the opportunity to focus on him but wondered if David would have the resolve to wait. Jeanette slid her lacy panties up her beautiful thighs as she thought of all the naughty scenes that David could walk in on if he couldn’t take it anymore.

David came back to the room just in time to see her favorite red dress fall down over her hips. “How do I look?”, she asked. David smiled, approached and moved in to kiss her but she stopped him at the last moment with an outstretched finger, “these lips aren’t for you yet.” She gave him a wink and said, “buy me a drink”. The power that she had been given to tease him was intoxicating.


Downstairs, the hotel bar was bustling with activity. People were laughing and sharing their days while enjoying interesting cocktails. David and Jeanette found a group of three chairs that were open and settled in to wait for Thomas. Jeanette and David ordered a drink and were quiet as they each took a sip. Both were lost in thoughts of anticipation and nerves.

“Are you still feeling ok with this?”, Jeanette asked. “I am, I feel comfortable with Thomas and I know you’ll be safe. That’s the important thing. The rest is the stretch.” Ah the stretch. They were both engulfed in it now knowing that soon, Thomas would be arriving, and for the first time in many years, Jeanette would be having sex with a man alone who wasn’t her husband. She couldn’t decide if she was more turned on by the thought of enjoying Thomas or the way she knew David would ravish her afterward. She grinned inwardly thinking about what a naughty brat she had become.

She tried not to watch the hotel doors too conspicuously but she did a terrible job of it and when she finally saw Thomas walk through, she almost let out an audible yelp. She looked back at David who was smiling at her, imbibing her every emotion.

David and Jeanette both stood as Thomas approached. Jeanette met him with a warm embrace and a gentle kiss on the lips. Thomas was such a good kisser, even if it was just a peck. David and Thomas shook hands and the three settled into their seats at the bar with Jeanette in the middle. Within just a few seconds, she sensed the hands of both men touching her gently.

Jeanette positioned her body towards Thomas and made certain that he had a good view of her plunging neckline. She gently placed her hand on his forearm and leaned in to him as the three talked and shared the day. As the conversation went on, the subtle touching between Jeanette and Thomas progressed. Soon he was stroking her exposed back and her hand was gently working toward his inner thigh.

David began to distance himself from the couple a bit to give them some space. He paid special attention to the way they were looking at each other and the subtle touches and grins. It may be surprising that David was not in the least bit jealous. Instead, he was totally in awe of his wife’s sensuality and having an opportunity to ‘zoom out’ and watch her was a sight to behold.

Thomas and Jeannette had closed any gap there might have been between them now as his arm wrapped around her lower back. Jeanette’s inner arm, hidden by their bodies and the bar top, was moving back and forth gently as her hand teased Thomas’s cock through his pants. They had messaged Thomas earlier to ask whether he would be open to playing separately with Jeanette, he replied that as long as everyone was comfortable with it, he would love to have her to himself.

Jeanette gathered up her adrenaline fueled courage, leaned in and whispered in Thomas’s ear, “take me upstairs and fuck me”. A smile quickly materialized on Thomas’s face and she felt his cock pulse in her hand.

Thomas and Jeanette both stood and Thomas took her hand. Jeanette looked at David and gave him a quick, “are you sure?” look. David smiled but didn’t object and with that, Thomas began to lead her across the hotel lobby toward the elevator. Jeanette could feel David’s gaze like the warm sun on her back. She didn’t look back, she wanted David to have the full experience of her focus being entirely on someone else.

When the elevator doors closed, Thomas turned her toward him and kissed her deeply. Her hand fumbled for a button as she tried not to break their embrace. The walls of the elevator were mirrored and she caught a glimpse of herself alone with Thomas. For a moment, a pang of guilt passed through her but quickly evaporated as she pictured David down at the bar reveling in his own imagination. She had his full permission to enjoy herself. This was all about her now.

As they kissed, the elevator gently lurched to a stop and the doors popped open. The room seemed impossibly far away. Thomas followed her intently as she lead him down the various hallways all the while admiring her beautiful figure and the way she walked in those heels.

Jeanette fumbled with the lock on the door and after a few hurried attempts, it swung open. The room had been left with just a few lights on, just perfect for a sensual rendezvous. When the door, adorned with the “Privacy Please” sign, slammed shut, Thomas moved to Jeanette and pushed her back to the wall.

He kissed her now in a way that he hadn’t before and she was entirely lost in it. His hands frustratingly pulled at her red dress until he had exposed her legs. He pulled her pelivs closer to him and she felt his manhood pushing against her. She smiled into this lips as she pushed her mound toward him, grinding against his body.

Abruptly, Jeanette reached up with both hands and pushed him away from her. She looked into his eyes with an incredible heat and walked away toward the bed. She motioned for him to follow her and stand at the base of the bed.

Jeanette was in control now. She stood in front of him and held his eyes with hers as she lifted her dress over her head. She stood in front of him with only her lacy black panties on. He moved to touch her but she slapped his hand away. She turned her back to him and slowly crawled onto the bed.

Jeanette kneeled on the center of the bed and turned toward Thomas. She pushed down deep in her hips and held her hands on her thighs posing for Thomas. He smiled and hungrily watched her as she moved. She walked on her knees to the edge of the bed and allowing Thomas’s hands to slide up her thighs and her sides until finally reaching her ample breasts. He lifted her breasts in his hands and began to kiss around her nipples until finally wrapping his lips and tongue around one of them.

With her arms draped around his neck, she leaned her head back, eyes closed and relished the feeling of him worshipping her body. His head lifted from her chest and found her lips as his hands drifted down her back gripping her ass.

She pushed him back away from the bed and climbed down in front of him. While they kissed, she lifted his shirt and began to fumble with his belt. Once his belt was dangling open, she broke their kiss and made eye contact with him as she unbuttoned his pants and slid his zipper down. Without breaking her gaze, her right hand slipped into the front of his boxers and gripped his thick hard cock. A sense of power washed over her as the look on this man’s face told her that nothing else mattered in this world except her.

After a moment, she released his cock and helped him remove his pants and boxers. She instructed him to sit on the edge of the bed while she retrieved a full length mirror from the corner of the room. She placed the mirror opposite where he was sitting and then knelt down between the mirror and him.

Her hands caressed his strong thighs as she gazed up at him. His cock was throbbing and bobbing gently in the air just in front of her face. Without breaking eye contact, she extended her tongue and started to lick the tip of his cock. He took a ragged breath as her tongue stroked around the tip of his cock. She loved watching his face as she explored further down his shaft.

Her hands slid further up his thighs until she was cupping his balls as she opened her mouth and took his considerable size into her lips. His cock was warm and hard. She could taste his precum as her head gently bobbed up and down. At first, Thomas hadn’t really noticed the mirror but when he opened his eyes and saw her from behind with her head bobbing in his lap, he moaned in pleasure. He could just see the curve of her pussy between her legs and he could feel his orgasm building. This woman, another man’s wife, was amazing at sucking cock.

The slurping sounds alone would’ve been enough to make him cum but the view of her body and the foreplay had been too much. He had reached a point of no return. She could feel him approaching orgasm, he had begun pumping his pelvis along with her mouth now and his balls were tightening. She lifted her head careful to avoid removing her juices from his shaft and took his hard cock in her hand. Looking into his eyes while slowly stroking his throbbing cock, she smiled a devilish smile at him and said, “you don’t get to cum before I do”.

Thomas was speechless. He looked down at the gorgeous naked woman between his legs and willed her to stroke him harder. He knew that one more pump was all it would take before he was spurting ropes of cum all over her voluptuous chest. This woman was a brat, a vixen and he couldn’t get enough of her.

Thomas lifted her to feet and laid her back on the bed. She smiled as she spread her legs open for him exposing her dripping wet pussy. She wondered what David was thinking right now. She wondered if he had any idea of how naughty she was being without him. He certainly would find out.

Thomas wasted no time climbing her. His hands raced up the sides of her legs and hips as he climbed on top of her. Her pussy was open, wet and begging to be fucked. She moaned loudly when she felt just the tip of his cock spread her pussy lips open. The roar she released as his shaft entered her could be heard down the hallway.

Thomas’s cock plunged into her like an avalanche. Her hands reached for his hips as he drove into her begging him to fuck her harder. The clapping sounds echoed off the walls as he pumped himself against her body. Jeanette loved to be fucked this way. She loved the feeling of being fucked as though a man couldn’t stop himself. She felt the familiar warm wetness spreading down her thighs as she squirted on his cock. Thomas pulled out for a moment to take a breath and she wasted no time pushing him onto his back.

She climbed on top of him and hungrily lowered herself onto his shaft. She took his hands and placed them on her tits and torso and sat tall on him. Thomas stroked her body, “You have the most amazing body. Every time we play I can’t ever decide on how I want you to make me cum. Your husband is the luckiest man on Earth.” Jeanette looked down at him rocking her hips and said “this body is yours right now, I want you to make a mess”. David smiled and said, “do you think your husband will enjoy sloppy seconds?” Jeanette grunted and humped his cock harder, “the messier the better”.

Thomas rubbed his hands all over her body while she rode his cock. Her body writhed on him carnally as the light glistened off of her covered in sweat and juices. Jeanette leaned forward placing her hands on his chest. She was grabbing him now and her pumps had gotten harder and more rhythmic. She was bearing down on his cock now and grinding herself into him. The moan started low, “oh fuck…fuck” and grew louder until finally reaching it’s crescendo, her hands gripping his chest leaving red marks. David barely even noticed the pain as he watched in total awe of her orgasm. He felt every throb of her pussy around his cock as she erupted on top of him moaning loudly with no concern for who might hear.

As she began to slow and come down the other side, Thomas began to pump his hips. He felt her body relax as the endorphins released into her. He was now laying under and hard inside a woman who had just reached total pleasure. This beautiful woman was at the peak of her sexual energy. He stroked his cock inside her as he felt himself approaching the same peak. He pulled her down close to him so he could wrap her arms around her body, consuming her as he began to cum. She kissed him as he moaned, her tongue encircling his as he released himself into her.

Finally, their motion slowed to a stop. He was still inside of her, both of them breathing heavily, just resting in each other’s embrace. She could feel the wetness of his cum escaping her pussy. She didn’t want this moment to end.

Jeanette lay on her back, making no effort to clean up, as she watched Thomas dress. Thomas asked her if she thought David would be ok. She smiled and said that she thought he would. His worshipping of her would only be enhanced by the fresh raw sexuality he would discover when he came back. Thomas smiled, “he sure is a lucky man”. As she listened to the door click shut she whispered to no one, “yes he is.”

~ End of Part 2 ~

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