Diary of a MAD boudoir photographer

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Studio Emergency πŸ†˜ 

Shortly after my session with the SnoMilf team I noted the booking calendar for the rental studio was empty. 

I asked the owner what was going on, she decided to close it without saying anything. 

Insert a spiral of chaos that went on for a month.Β I have rearranged my entire life and removed every piece of furniture from my basement and moved it into this space. GUYS!! I placed a Honey Birdette sex swing in the space as well as that St Andrew’s Cross we referenced in the shoot from Mrs Sno πŸ™‚

How do you advertise that you are Lifestyle Photographer but ALSO encompass your regular clientele as well as babies and families?

I feel like I was successful. I hid the swing under the bed and offer a Boho swing in it’s place. πŸ˜‰ stash the Cross in the corner of courseeeee…

Usually babies were made somehow HAHA.

Stay Tuned for some more shenanigans from my diary. I cannot wait to write up some FUN for you.

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